Holistic Ventures will strive to be the leader as a Cannabis supplier by providing quality products, education, collaboration, through the development of a best practices approach that provides independently tested results of our organic products to the consumer through transparency, consistency, excellence, and pride. In compliance with AB215 & SB420.

We incorporate a one stop place where we can share information, educate, advocate, and build a community where we can come together and exchange ideas, ask questions, be a support, offer options and alternatives to traditional healing from a wide assortment of influences.


The corporations were developed into three separate entities. H&Hllc is the Managerial Division of the corporation. It offers a wide array of services and financial opportunities such as start up funding, Venture funding, Business Plan Development, grow set up; send an email for specific information.

Holistic Ventures is the educational community where you can get the latest information, education, blog’s, ask questions, start dialoging and other items which help you as the consumer understand cannabis and its multiple usages. It’s a community of like minded people searching for the right answers, if we don’t know we will seek out the find right answer If you would like to add a blog, or engage in a dialog, register and get started.

Holistic Member Services is our Product division; here you can once you have verified your current California MMJ registration, order directly from the grower, locate products which have been grown under strict guidelines, oils and derivatives which have been formulated by our staff Phd to offer alternative treatment options for a array of health issues such as Epilepsy, MS, Parkinson.

We also carry new product lines which will offer alternatives to traditional resources. Our staff here is dedicated to educate you on what to ask, how it should be grown. All of our products are verified and tested at a local testing facility and the results and posted on its web site for verification. We pledge all our products will be consistent our process transparent and developed with the utmost care, quality and properly shipped each time so you count on and can trust what you receive.

H&H Management Services

The Green revolution is evolving and fluid. This past few months have seen explosion in a industry which will continue to grow. Our staff and Management Team bring together over 30 years experience in business and investment. Our team provides the following service:

  • Design and specialized build out for legal grows.
  • Complete Start to finish cultivation services.
  • Consulting services on setting up CO-Ops & Grows
  • Consulting & developing MMJ or Recreational Cannabis Business Plans.
  • Financing MMJ & Recreational Cannabis Business, if project meets specific guidelines and qualifications.
  • Educational resources and presentations.
For specific information please email info@holisticventures.org

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