Getting Your Medical Marijuana Doctor’s Recommendation

A medical marijuana recommendation is a state issued identification card or document that enables a patient with a doctor’s recommendation to obtain, possess, or cultivate cannabis plants for medicinal use.

We recommend utilizing: Dr. Arnold S. Kremer, D,O.

drkremer 2815 Camino del Rio South Ste 1F
San Diego CA, 92108
(619) 294-4367

What will you need to bring:

• A bill or other official letter, SDGE Bill, Cable Bill establishing residency.

• A photo ID, Passport, Drivers License.

• Any current information which substantiates your need from your primary care give if possible. (not needed if you do not have)

When you go to the appointment, bring al your documentation, you will be asked a series of questions. They will take your vitals.

The staff will give you two documents, one with an official Gold Seal and wallet size card, both will have your recommendation #, this is what you will need for verification.

We have worked with this doctor for over four years and never had any issues, they are very competent on the current rules and regulations and are very PROFESSIONAL and helpful.

Call and schedule an appointment, bring your document. Once you ave your card, come back to the web site and click the join link, enter your verification number and other information and with-in 24 hours you will be sent a temporary password which opens up the restricted areas.

The store  lists the current flower options, their characteristics and a link to our independent testing facility that for the testing results. Our other product lines will also be available along with the characteristics and test results.

Rest assured each and every time

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